Interesting information about roulette

Everyone, of course, knows about such a phenomenon as the roulette wheel. A large heavy wheel with sectors, on one of which the ball thrown on the wheel stops. A field divided into groups of numbers, colors, etc. And the ability to bet on any number, field, color. The main thing for which so valued roulette – the absolute simplicity of the rules. The player does not even have to do anything – just tell the dealer the stake and the sector. That said, the game is quite spectacular, and roulette tables gather dozens of people in all the casinos: from Hong Kong and Singapore to Monaco and Atlantic City.

Virtual roulette at online casinos also gained popularity. Here, of course, there is no wheel, no ball or table – only their virtual images created by the computer program. The ball takes its place in accordance with the combinations that issue a random number generator. But this does not make the excitement less. And everyone can see this for sure, trying to play. If you do not want to pass simple registration and deposit your account in order to play, you can play roulette without registration. Just click on the name of any of the many varieties of roulette and play. In this case, there will be bets, but they are only virtual in nature. Neither win nor lose in the trial demo mode is impossible. You can access the best modern online casinos here

When did roulette appear?

Some adhere to the theory that the founder of this popular entertainment is a French scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal. Although most likely, he did not set such a goal and was engaged in the problem of perpetual motion, but a side effect of his experiments, refined Francois Blanc, today you can find in any casino – no matter virtual or traditional. Since the 19th-century roulette is gradually popularized – first in Europe, then in the U.S., where it began to spread from New Orleans. In the U.S., it is known for its variant of roulette with two zeros – this modification increases the probability of winning the casino. In general, there are many varieties of this game. So, instead of 36 numbers and one zero, mini roulette has only 12 numbers and the same zero, all other rules remaining intact.

There is a roulette wheel without zeros, and the casino earns by charging players a percentage of each bet. But one of the most unusual roulette – based on the principle of the game of pinball. The ball does not rotate on a wheel and overcomes obstacles, each of which sends it to one or the other side. The final “choice” of the ball determines whether you win or lose.

How to choose an online casino

When online casinos first started to appear, gamblers endured terrible design, modest assortment, payments with delays. Because, as such, there was no alternative. Today, gamblers have a choice, from a bad casino you can always go to its competitors. But sometimes players are satisfied with the service, the percentage of payoff, and the choice of games, but terribly annoyed by some little things. It is high time to find out what disadvantages of gambling establishments make gamblers mad.

  • In the machines, there is no “Auto” button. Generally speaking, this is more of a problem for developers than owners of the casino, but it does not get easier. Without the button “Auto” the game always lasts longer, also makes the player all the time press “Start”.
  • You can not miss the splash screen. Many modern slots are accompanied by a colorful intro – a small introduction. And if the first couple of times to watch it interesting, then tedious.
  • Lack of a mobile version. To date, almost all top casinos have mobile versions, but there are institutions that operate only in the browser. 

If you want to avoid these disadvantages, then use to find online casinos.