Facebook Hack Security – Hackear FB possibilities

Facebook is the biggest social media platforms as of now, many people use it to connect with their friends, relatives, business partners and so on. Some people even live off of Facebook Marketing, by running ads or managing big social media pages. It is not a secret that this property is also a target for many hackers who try to spy and obtain confidential data of the audience. A few years ago, I didn’t care about this issue at all, as I could not even imagine that such a big platform with strong security system can be hacked in some way. Then , one day this view completely changed when I found that I could not login to my account. I spent a couple of hour figuring out what is wrong, and thankfully the hackers didn’t change the recovery email through which I could restore the access to my account. When checking the previous IP record, I saw a Brasilian IP adress , the country where I have never ever been ) From that day, I started to take my online security very seriously .

So, first of all, to defend our accounts, we need first to take a look at current methods used by hackers to obtain facebook password. When you type – como hackear un facebook (how to hack facebook) in the search, you will see that there are several methods which are offered . The most successful among them is Phishing. This method allows anyone who does not even have sufficient technical knowledge to easily crack the account password in just a few minutes. You will be much more protected from hacking if you understand the principle of its action. Some of the following methods may be applicable not only to Facebook, but also to other popular Internet sites such as Google, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.Many people have fallen victim to the phishing page because of its high authenticity and absolute coincidence with the appearance of the original.

Phishing – method to hackear Facebook.

In simple terms, phishing is the process of creating a duplicate copy of a known site’s page to steal a user’s password or other sensitive information, such as credit card details or private banking information. For our topic, this means creating a page that looks like a Facebook login page, but with a different URL. For example, fakebook.com or faecbook.com, or any other URL, the name of which is very similar to the original, and with a cursory reading is almost invisible. When a user clicks on such a page, they can accept it as a real Facebook login page and provide their username and password. Thus, the user personally and voluntarily enters their confidential data, and instantly all the information will be sent to the hacker who created the fake page. And the victim will be redirected to the original Facebook page.

The most common example is that a programmer creates a Facebook login page and adds several scripts that allow him to get information about a username and password. Then he places it on the Internet, coming up with a name that corresponds to the original site, for example, https://www.facebouk.com/make-money-online-tricks. And shares his link with other users, attracting their attention with different advantages, in our case, as the name suggests – affordable easy earnings online without attachments. The victim clicks the link, sees the Facebook login page, and enters his username and password to log in. In such a way the facebook account hack is being carried out.

2nd way. Facebook brute or password generators:

This programs are much more sophisticated. They are much more succesful if you know the first part or several letters of the password. The other part is found by password generator software, which chooses all possible options untill it finds the real password.

As you may guess such softwares are not easy to find , and working ones usually cost very expensive.

So this are 2 most real ways, hackers may obtain the facebook account information.