Effective Instagram account development

The promotion of your account is influenced by your activity on Instagram. How often do you post? Do you interact with other users on and off your page? You can also highlight the 5 main factors that directly affect the effectiveness of promotion and promotion pages in Instagram:

  • Account design.
  • Your activity on Instagram.
  • The activity of users on your page.
  • A set of actions to develop the account. For example, the use of services such as https://poprey.com/instagram_followers to get followers.
  • Analysis of statistics.

How to develop an Instagram account and where to start

Maybe you’ll see a banal topic of profile design. But for those who are asking how to develop Instagram from scratch, this information will be useful. Before you take your blog to the masses, you need to make sure that it is ready for it. It’s not about how to combine photos with each other, but about specific profile settings that will help develop Instagram. Only the stars of show business may not think about the profile cap and harmony of the tape. They are daily subscribed to thousands of real subscribers to Instagram. But if you are not a star, you will have to design your page according to all the rules.

Account title

If you’re running a personal blog, you can base your profile name on your first and last name and promote your account as a brand. But if you are positioning yourself as an expert in a particular area, offering services or products, then your approach to the name will be different. It should be clear who you are, what you offer to people, what your account is about.

Profile header

Identify no more than two areas in which you will position yourself as an expert. And in your header write a couple of succinct and catchy sentences that make it clear who you are and what your blog is about. You don’t have to write vague information about yourself. Write something specific that makes you stand out and defines the subject of your account. Your profile header will attract the right audience for you.

First and last name

Use your first and last names to spell out your occupation or profession. Then users will be able to find your account by searching for it. For example: copywriter, designer, fitness, etc. If you have a local business, specify the city here as well.

Uniform feed style

Unique styling is a trend in recent years. Such pages look much prettier. So decide in advance what your feed will look like. What filters will you apply? What colors will prevail in the photo? You can see in advance how the images will match in the feed using special applications.


Use this Instagram option to pin down some important information. For example, in Highlights you can post:

  • price list;
  • terms of delivery and payment;
  • reviews;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • promotions and discounts;
  • product selections.

It is better to design Highlights in the same style, picking up the same icons.

These are the basic nuances of profile design. This is the first thing to do before you will buy instagram real followers. A catchy title, informative header and highlights will help you not only to gain the first followers, but also to get a lot of likes in Instagram for your posts and stories. You’ll attract your target audience right away.

Some people ask, but what about popular bloggers who became such without all these gimmicks? But don’t look at bloggers with a huge army of fans who have developed their accounts without a themed name and a filled out profile header. The rules of the game used to be completely different. And with today’s competition, your account will look a lot better if you design it.